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Flotation Therapy Benefits Health and Wellness

Treatment of Chronic Pain with Flotation Therapy

What is chronic pain? Chronic pain is defined as any pain that lasts longer then 4-6 months. This can be a mild pain like a slight soreness or a very …

About Flotation Therapy

A Wonderful Article From a Customer’s Blog

“I had long wanted to try sensory deprivation meditation and finally had the chance to do so this past Friday. I took a few pictures (the tank picture is from their site: click here …

Health and Wellness


Long night of drinking in Allentown? Stop into the Flo for a FREE shot of CHLOROPHYLL; our infamous HANGOVER CURE! This extra strength pareben free formula features a pore potent …

Flotation Therapy Benefits Women's Health

Floating While Pregnant – 5 Best Reasons

There is nothing more beautiful than the magic of pregnancy. A child is being created right inside of your body. One that you will cherish and love for the rest …

Health and Wellness

Aromatherapy Inhalers

Sustainable, effective, and beautifully crafted, these inhaler pendants are a great way to bring your favorite aromatherapy essences with you everywhere you go! Can’t decide which scent you should carry? …

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