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Buffalonians are falling in love with floating. Here’s why!

Interested in floatation but not sure what all the fuss is about? We’re here to help. Today, we’re going to clue you into exactly what floatation therapy is and why people love it. 

First: what actually is floatation therapy?

You might have heard of it as isolation or sensory deprivation therapy. That’s because, in floatation therapy, you are in what is called a Float Tank, with water and air the same temperature as your skin, and no external light or sound. In the water is 1300 pounds of dissolved epsom salt–this is what allows you to float. 

During this experience, you are suspended in the water, with all external stimuli blocked from interfering with your floatation experience. It can feel as though you are suspended in time. While you’re floating, you can feel your heart beating, your lungs inhaling & exhaling, your muscles start to relax, and your brain starts to quiet down. It’s kind of like being suspended in a place with no space, or time, or purpose.

So why do people like it so much?

There are numerous benefits to floatation therapy, both for your mental and your physical health. These benefits include: 

Better sleep: 

Floating can actually provide rest & relaxation better than you can normally achieve during sleep. But even more than that, it helps to improve your sleep going forward. If you have a hard time sleeping through the night, floatation therapy might be the trick. While floating once won’t solve all your sleep problems, studies have shown that cultivating a regular floating routine can help decrease insomnia symptoms for 12 weeks.  

Stress Less: 

Symptoms of stress are helped not only through the physical components of the float tank (specifically the magnesium within the water, which helps to inhibit the stress hormone and improve sleep health) but by the sensory deprivation the experience provides! 

When all external input is blocked, you can achieve full mental relaxation, allowing not just your body but your mind a chance to recharge without external strain. 

Pain Relief: 

The relief of chronic and temporary pain is a huge reason the popularity of floatation therapy has grown so large. 

When floating, your body is oxygenated “by promoting vasodilation” which is just the scientific way of increasing the blood flow to your limbs, organs, and brain. To put it simply? Floating = no strain on your body. Unlike when we’re outside of the tank while floating your body can maximize healing, rejuvenation, and relief because there is no external strain slowing it down. 

These aren’t the only things floating can help with. The list is long and growing, including things like: 

  1. Enhanced athletic performance
  2. Boosted mood
  3. Enhanced creativity & problem solving
  4. Decreased feelings of anxiety & depression
  5. Increased productivity & energy
  6. Improved memory

Curious about trying out a Flotation Therapy? Come see us down at The Flo on Allen, in the city of Buffalo. We’d love to have you come and relax with us.

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