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About Flotation Therapy

How Do Float Tanks and a Float Center Work?

  Are you interested in floating, but not sure how it works? That’s okay! We’ll walk you through the whole process here.  Floatation tanks are all about soothing your body. …

Flotation Therapy Benefits About Flotation Therapy Health and Wellness

How Floatation Tanks Help Improve Work Productivity & Energy

Flotation therapy is a simple, effective way to help your body get to the state of deep relaxation you would experience during a deep meditative state. It’s a great way …

About Flotation Therapy Flotation Therapy Benefits Health and Wellness

How Floatation Tanks Help Soften & Lighten Your Skin

When you float in the tank, your senses are completely freed from all distractions. Your mind floats in space and endorphin hormones are released to make you feel good. But …

About Flotation Therapy

A Wonderful Article From a Customer’s Blog

“I had long wanted to try sensory deprivation meditation and finally had the chance to do so this past Friday. I took a few pictures (the tank picture is from their site: click here …