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Zen For Your Den

Smudge Sticks Guide – Types and Uses

Smudge sticks are burned to smudging a home or space. All of the below smudges are used for protection and cleansing ceremonies throughout history: California White Sage: Remove Negative energy/vibes/thoughts. …

Zen For Your Den

Smudge Your Home – Change the Vibe, Invite Peace and Positivity

A space is much like us, it can get into a funk. The vibe in a space can feel stale, stuffy, dark and/or moody. Sometimes we have friends and family …

Mediation Guides Stress Less

A Netflix Series To Introduce Anyone To Mediation

  If you don’t know about Netflix’s Original Series, Headspace Guide to Meditation it’s a great way to introduce yourself to mediation without any additional thought or work required.  A …

Mediation Guides

Meditative Mind Released A 30 Day Sound Journey Music Playlist

Meditative Mind, a YouTube channel for meditative music has released a 30 Day Sound Journey to meditate to for the New Year.  This is a great resource for people who …

Stress Less

How Adopting a Self-Care Routine Can Improve Your Life

Let’s face it, life can be demanding and require a lot of our time and energy.  Even though it’s a fact of everyday life, we usually do not plan on …

About Flotation Therapy Flotation Therapy Benefits Health and Wellness

How Floatation Tanks Help Improve Work Productivity & Energy

Flotation therapy is a simple, effective way to help your body get to the state of deep relaxation you would experience during a deep meditative state. It’s a great way …

About Flotation Therapy Flotation Therapy Benefits Health and Wellness

How Floatation Tanks Help Soften & Lighten Your Skin

When you float in the tank, your senses are completely freed from all distractions. Your mind floats in space and endorphin hormones are released to make you feel good. But …

Flotation Therapy Benefits Health and Wellness

Treatment of Chronic Pain with Flotation Therapy

What is chronic pain? Chronic pain is defined as any pain that lasts longer then 4-6 months. This can be a mild pain like a slight soreness or a very …

Health and Wellness


Long night of drinking in Allentown? Stop into the Flo for a FREE shot of CHLOROPHYLL; our infamous HANGOVER CURE! This extra strength pareben free formula features a pore potent …

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