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Floating for Athletic Performance

Flotation therapy is very beneficial to athletes. There are two different ways that the therapy can be used for athletic performance. Putting it simply, before an event and after an event. Flotation therapy is becoming more used by professional athletes as a way to refocus and revitalize their bodies before and after major sporting events. On or off season.

Floating Before an event

Flotation therapy is a great way to increase athletic performance. If you are looking for an edge on your next work out or trying to beat the odds at a major event.  Come try our float center.  Flotation therapy helps you increase your athletic performance and mentally prepare for a what’s next. If flotation therapy is utilized before an event, the athlete can increase athletic performance by:

  • Getting the necessary rest needed before the event.
  • Mentally preparing for what is expected of them.
  • Improve oxygen circulation in their blood stream.
  • Improve concentration and focus from having a clearer mind.
  • Remove the pre-performance stress by allowing their mind and body to relax.

Flotation therapy provides great way to get away from the daily grind and focus on the things that are important at your next event or workout.

Floating after an athletic event

Athletes can use flotation tanks to recover after a hard work out, practice or major event. Just with the Epsom salts alone dissolved into the water alone can have a significant effect on sore muscles and joints. If you have ever taken an Epsom salt bath you know what even a small amount of these salts have the power to do. Now imagine that with 50X the amount of dissolved Epsom salts.

Customers can expect:

  • Major reduction in soreness of muscles and joints.
  • Reduction of cortisol.
  • Reduction of lactic acid.
  • Rapid elimination of fatigue.
  • Reduction of pain.
  • Increased recovery of sprains and muscle tares.
  • Reduction of inflammation.

As you know a major part of athletic performance or personal fitness is the recovery process. Flotation therapy can help you quickly recover from workouts, events, or even yard work.

Notable Articles and Quotes

Nicole Vlahovich, a doctor and senior research consultant at the Australian Institute of Sports, said that

The AIS uses flotation therapy to aid in recovery purpose for athletes in their programs. It is primarily used to promote relaxation, recovery and sleep .”

Midfielder, Wayne Rooney, the 3rd highest paid soccer player, owns his own personal float tank. He spends up to 10 hours a week in the tank. He said,

“Flotation therapy helps him recovery from injuries and allows him to get back to training weeks ahead of schedule.”

Olympic Silver Medalist for the tipple jump, Phillips Idowu, used flotation therapy weekly when he had suffered from a back injury after the 2008 Olympics. The therapy allowed him to recover much quicker then traditional forms of physical therapy.

Coach Thomas Weatherspoon, CEO of Training Ground, has been training professional athletes including NFL players for the past 18 years. He uses flotation therapy to increase mental clarity in order to enhance athletic performance.

Here is a great interview\story from ESPN about Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes using the therapy to give them an  edge in events.

JJ Watt Uses Float Therapy for Athletic Recovery

Athletes and Floating – Jesse Lumsden, 2-Time Olympian

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