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When you float in the tank, your senses are completely freed from all distractions. Your mind floats in space and endorphin hormones are released to make you feel good.

But did you know they also help soften and lighten your skin?

It’s been said that when people leave the tanks, they’re glowing. Not just from the relaxation the tank provides–but from the actual benefits floatation tanks can have on your skin!


Our tanks are filled with 1300 pounds of Epsom salt. Epsom salt for centuries has been used as a natural remedy working to do all sorts of things like:

  1. Stress relief
  2. Body relaxation
  3. Pain relief
  4. Reduce or eliminate muscle cramps
  5. Improve muscle & nerve function
  6. Prevent blood clots
  7. Eliminate toxins
  8. Reduce fatigue
  9. Regulate sleep

But there’s another huge benefit to Epsom Salts, which is that it’s great for the largest organ on your body: your skin! How?

It exfoliates.

Epsom salts are made up of magnesium sulfate which is a naturally occuring exfoliant, getting rid of the dry, dead & excess skin all over your body as you float!

It’s a one-step skin treatment.

Magnesium sulfate can help loosen dead skin, clear your pores, control the oils in your skin, reduce blackheads, reduce acne AND help provide relief for floaters with rosacea or eczema. And magnesium is antibacterial and antimicrobial, so there’s no need to worry about any minor irritations you might bring with you to the tank!

Reduced Stress = Improved Skin.

We’ve seen it time and time again how burst of increased stress can negatively affect our skin, so of course, stress relief can help to improve it! While stress works to impair the immune system, leaving the skin unable to heal itself, floatation therapy actively works to reduce stress & improve relaxation and increase the healthy functioning  of your body.

Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol built up in our system and cause many issues. By floating in a flotation therapy tank your body is allowed to fully relax while clearing your mind. When you are in this type of relaxed state there is no reason for adrenaline output. The Epsom salts help pull cortisol out of your system reducing the detrimental effects the build up of these chemicals could have.

The relaxation provided by the tank can help take stress of your muscles, improve your sleep, reduce chronic pain, and overall lessen the stress of your day to day life. Without this stress your skin can flourish & glow all on it’s own!  

It’s a powerful hair cleanser.

There’s a lot we throw into our hair on the daily. But Epsom salts can help strip all the products and the chemicals out of your hair, leaving it refreshed, cleaned and with a healthy, natural shine to it that we just can’t get normally.

You are what you feel.

When you leave the tank feeling good, you leave the tank looking good. If you’re relaxed, refreshed and reinvigorated, your skin is going to look relaxed, refreshed and reinvigorated.  

Come detoxify your skin in our tanks, see what a change it makes!

Curious about trying out a Flotation Therapy? Come see us down at The Flo on Allen, in the city of Buffalo. We’d love to have you come and relax with us.

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  1. I found it beneficial when you said that Epsom salts they use can be exfoliants and can get rid of dead skin. My sister’s birthday is coming up and I want to surprise her with a trip to do float therapy. I’ll be sure to find a good spa that offers this service so we can do it together.

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