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What is flotation therapy?

Our flotation tanks are filled with 1300 pounds of Epsom salts, dissolved into the water, and maintain a temperature of 94 degrees–the average temperature of the human skin.

So what does all of this do?

Our tanks provide calming isolation from the distractions of the outside world, as well as full suspension in the water to help your body focus on both physical & mental healing.

Commonly used to help with chronic pain, arthritis, or anxiety, floatation therapy is also incredibly beneficial to athletes in recovery.


Let’s start with the mental benefits of flotation therapy:

  1. Improved focus
  2. Meditation
  3. Mental Training

Floatation therapy helps relax the mind. It allows for a meditative state even if you’ve never been able to master meditation before. With the complete isolation of the tank, your mind will be free of the buzzing & distractions that typically surround you.

It allows for complete relaxation of both the muscles & the mind, letting your body reboot–resulting in more energy than before, which you can use when you leave the tank.

Improved Focus

Without the distractions we usually have to override (sounds, smells, lights, anything coming from outside our own space) the floatation tanks let us focus solely on our own body & mind. This sort of sensory deprivation can override the overload normally in your head & help you focus on one thing.


With this sort of improved focus, meditation can become possible for those who’ve experienced frustration with the practice before. All external stimuli are removed for you. Your energy can be reserved instead of used to block them out yourself.  And with this you can focus on:

Mental Training

With the body and mind relaxed so intensely, mental training is more powerful & effective than ever. You can focus singularly on your performance without actually having to train. Amazingly, this simple visualization actually helps athletes make strides in their skill & performance. (All from within the therapeutic environment of the tank!)

But the psychological benefits are only one half of how can floatation therapy help athletes in their process of recovery. Some of the physical benefits include:

  1. Reduced inflammation
  2. Muscle relaxation
  3. Heightened awareness of senses
  4. Improved circulation

Floatation helps to soothe your body as you recover from sport-induced injury. With all the physical benefits, it can drastically shorten your recovery time, allowing you to get right back to training without risk of worsening the injury.

Reduced Inflammation

While inflammation is typically a protective response, the body sometimes overuses it which can actually hinder the healing process. Floatation therapy helps to reduce inflammation all over the body in order to kickstart total-body healing while suspended in the tank.

Muscle Relaxation

With your body effortlessly suspended, your muscles can completely relax. This relaxation helps release the pressure that’s adding stress to your body & getting in the way of recovery. With this suspension & release of the strain on your muscles, healing can be your body’s sole focus. The Epsom salts in the tanks help with this. And as an added bonus, they help build protein in joints.

Heightened Awareness of Senses

While floating, athletes typically report increased awareness of all their senses–without the burden of stimuli overwhelming them. This helps improve focus & allows for a more effective practice of mental training. It also allows athletes to recognize any previously unnoticed tensions in their body–and address those issues before they get severe enough to impact their performance.

Improved Circulation

Floatation therapy helps improve your blood flow, allowing your body to conquer fatigue quickly. As a result of a quick, full recovery, you can be back to training without risking injury.

These are just some of the benefits floatation therapy can have for athletes recovering from injury. Curious about trying out a Flotation Therapy? Come see us down at The Flo on Allen, in the city of Buffalo. We’d love to have you come and relax with us.

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  1. I’m glad you pointed out that float therapy is great for athletes since it helps them recognize and address and tension in their body that may have gone unnoticed. My son plays on his college football team, and I’m always looking for ways to help him stay healthy and feeling well despite the nature of the sport. I’ll definitely give him a call and suggest he find a local float therapy service!

  2. I found it interesting that you state that flotation therapy can help with muscle relaxation. My brother has been looking really hard for good ways to speed up the healing process of a torn ligament injury that happened during his basketball game last week. I will send him this information so he can find a place that does flotation therapy for sports injuries.

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