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Are you waking up too late, cannot seem to break out of a sleep schedule which is working against you?  You can use floating to reset your sleep schedule by going to bed earlier.  Avoiding caffeine when you wake up and floating in the evening can help you go to bed earlier and get back to balanced sleep.

Here’s how:

Floating requires you to forego caffeine and caffeinated beverages the day of your float.    A vicious cycle of oversleeping and drinking coffee later into the day when you wake up causes you to be awake later.  To break the cycle, introduce floating into the equation; you will need to stop your caffeine intake for the day you float.  It’s usually the hardest in the morning when you wake up to avoid coffee but it after a few hours it’s easy  Using floating to reset your sleep schedule It removes caffeine from the equation.

After floating you will experience a deeply relaxed state, which will make it easier for you to sleep earlier in the night.  Thus, resetting your sleep schedule and getting you back on track.  We recommend floating in the evening around 6pm or two to four hours before you plan on trying to start your new bedtime.  The closer you float to your new bedtime the more effective it will be for you to fall asleep.


Give The Flo and floating a try next time you feel your sleep schedule is becoming imbalanced or after Daylight Savings time!  We also carry Melatonin products to help you get to sleep, stop by our store front on Allen Street to learn more!

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