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Let’s face it, life can be demanding and require a lot of our time and energy.  Even though it’s a fact of everyday life, we usually do not plan on time to take care of ourselves, beyond our basic needs.   A self-care routine is a list of relaxing and joyous things you do for yourself to manage your stress, burn out, and overall mental health on a normal basis.

Make a list of things which brings you joy and you would not normally do for yourself.

Putting together a self-care routine can be as simple making a plan to do something nice for yourself on a regular basis.  This can be as making yourself a cup of your favorite tea, making quiet time to finish the book on your nightstand, giving yourself a pedicure, sign up for a group yoga class or practicing a relaxing hobby, such as gardening.

It’s important to pick activities you know you enjoy; everyone is different and forcing an activity or relaxation can have an opposite effect.

Plan on a weekly basis to take care of yourself in a big way or daily in small ways.

It can be a simple to-do for yourself or making space in your schedule to practice a life-long passion (art, music).  I prefer planning on a weekly basis because it’s more realistic to maintain being more flexible.

Focus on the joy you feel afterward, then the activity itself.

It will stop you from cancelling plans to practice self-care in the moment if last-minute urgencies arise.

The activity in of itself may not seem important or of value but remember it’s about the joy you will feel from taking care of yourself in a way no one else can.

Here at The Flo we are your advocate in self-care.  Especially with the winter we have been having in Buffalo, NY this year. 

Stop by our storefront on Allen and let us figure out how we can help!


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