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A space is much like us, it can get into a funk. The vibe in a space can feel stale, stuffy, dark and/or moody. Sometimes we have friends and family members stop by upset, sometimes the ketchup bottle explodes unexpectedly. Maybe you have a bad day at work or get in a disagreement with your co-worker or boss. It can be hard sometimes to let go of the mood people and life can inadvertently put us in.

One way to return peace to your space and politely say goodbye to heavy/unwanted/negative vibes is to smudge your whole home using white sage. Taking 15-20 minutes to smudge your space/home can help you reset to a better mindset, cleanse negative energy/vibes from your space, and help you truly let go of whatever you feel is clinging to you or your space.

Check out this article from The Spruce on how to properly smudge a home!

We also put together a smudge stick guide on the different kind of smudge sticks and their properties.

From everyone at The Flo, we wish you positive vibes in your home and on your journey through life.

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